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19 Mart 2020 Perşembe

Is Coronavirus a Bioweapon?

The coronavirus, which affected the Earth, appeared in the city of Wuhan in China and reached many countries. As the number of cases increases day by day, the losses continue. So is this Covid-19 virus spread from bat and snake, as it is said? Is it a biological weapon? We will seek the answers to these questions.

Firstly, we know that Chinese people consume many animals as food. If we come to the claim that the virus is spread from animals, viruses like that are always was in animals, but they were not spread to humans in any way. As experts said The covid-19 virus is thought to be mutated. Everything is fine until this point, it may be possible the virus spread from the consumption of animals such as bat and snake and a country that has a big livestock market may cause it. Unfortunately, there is no clarity intelligibleness about it.

Another issue is that the covid-19 virus is thought a biological weapon, but is also thought to be used as a population reduction project. In his speech about the human population of David Rockefeller in 1994, he high signed this situation and explained that the population should decrease, because the people are harming the ecosystem, the consumption of water and energy, the reduction of reserves in the world should be prevented, and in 2020 the world population will exceed 8 billion. Strangely enough, the fact that the Covid-19 virus came out of the Asian region with the highest population in 2020 was a bit surprising, He explained the base for living reached 65 years David Rockefeller died at the age of 101, not telling himself in this population reduction project by shamelessly his plan of slaughter for humanity. David Rockefeller Bill Gates said almost the same as the population reduction project he described. The Bill Gates Foundation patents a medicine on October 18, 2019, by doing preliminary preparation for a virus spreading through birds. This medicine patent, which is related to a coronavirus that is transmitted from birds, broadcasts of a foreign Youtube channel Bill Gates on May 27, 2015, indicating that some kind of virus will bring the effect of the Spain flu, which caused the death of up to 30 million people. It seems that someone is trying to use people as a subject for making money. After knowing these things we must think about its commerce wars side.

In a television program, Security Consultant Mete Yarar stated this issue with the following words; "China and India, which have the largest population in the world, share the same geography. Transitivity of these two countries, trade and human travel between the two countries is very high, while China is at a very good level in terms of healthcare and living standards, India is the opposite. Why The virus spread in China, not in India, because China is a threat to someone, and one of those who created the asymmetric wars after the trade wars in the world is Biological wars. He said it would bring the Chinese economy to verge of bankruptcy if the virus lasts for five years.

There are 500 global companies in Hubei state where Wuhan city belongs. Actually, Wuhan city and Hubei province are global companies' headquarters centers and play a very important role in the world economy. If there is such a biological weapon operation, it is an operation not only to China but to the world. When we look at the countries where the Coronavirus has spread, we can see countries with strong economies. Another is to see the results of using a new biological weapon by measuring how the world reacts to such chaos, and this can only be preliminary for a major disaster. Although we do not have to forget that the imperialist powers have negative effects on our lives, we must wake up! The facts are sometimes not that far away.

This essay translated from Turkish to English by Numan Kuru

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