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21 Nisan 2020 Salı

Are You Hitting The Panic Button?

Hitting the panic button mostly not good for us. Are you panicking under any amount of stress? Stress triggers panic and panic rocks the boat, makes your life hard. Imagine you are having an exam and you are under stress, you'll forget everything you know and you'll unfortunately fail. I'm suffering from panicking for the past five years. It makes my life hard because most of the time I have to think or do things twice.

It started after when I started to take taekwondo courses. I was very afraid of taekwondo matches because I never felt adequate myself for matches in the first year of the course. It was frightening me. Falling into the thought of "I'll lose it I can not win" is must be the worst thought of the World. When I was trying to get rid of this panic thing it started getting worse because this process also makes me feel under stress.

I decided to work about control my stress level. Working on it was still stressful. Hopefully, I managed to control it for a while, but it did not last long. I started to take pills doctor-controlled. As a matter of fact, it worked but not for a long time because I started to think it's psychological so it works only if I think it's good to take otherwise it's just a pill.

In the recent past, I've failed in my driving test because of my panic attacks. Then I started to think about why I can not be my own doctor/therapist. When I feel the heat of the panic I started to count or breathe deeply for reducing my heart rate. I'm still doing these methods to make my life a little easier. To be honest it's not always working but worked for my second driving test.

Now I want to become as cool as a cucumber but I still have to work on it. If you are hitting the panic button like me. Don't lend an ear to anyone just be your doctor. Just try your methods because someone's methods may not work for you but you can give it a try. The first thing I'll do is try to control myself more because it's my problem no one can control my feelings.

This article was prepared by Numan Kuru.

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