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28 Nisan 2020 Salı

One Of The Worst Problem In The World

Stress is one of the biggest and most frequent problems in modern life, a little stress can cause big problems because stress never affects our life positively from my point of view. Stress can cause, psychological problems, memory problems, and stress that can affect the mind, body I mean appearance, and behaviors. Interestingly, there is also a phobia named "agyiophobia" which is the fear of stress. And unfortunately, stress is a cureless thing without your effort.

So, stress is our main problem in regular daily life. Stress can make your life unlivable. You can not communicate with people in a healthy way when you are under stress. Stress may ruin your eating habits. For me, I'm overeating when I'm under stress. It can be the opposite for you like under-eating. What can we do to get rid of it? or can we use it effectively? Of course, we can, stress can be a motivator. it can give us encouragement which is necessary to work properly. Stress can help you to put in your greatest effort into your work. Stress can help us to make things done. Stress may drive us to learn something.

For example, stressed people tend to commit suicide more than other people. This is, unfortunately, a scientific fact. Because these people are suffering from many more problems than others because stress can snowball into something. A little stress like should I wear this while I'm going to that meeting or this one can become Why I'm living, should I live or not. I know it sounds weird but there are maybe hundreds of dilemmas among this process.
Your work life, school life, can be affected by stress but how can it be possible? while they are the causes of your stress. It's easy to understand because we don't know which is the one that causes it. Being under pressure usually makes people so tense. While you are stressed you might be offensive to everyone for instance, to your colleagues you can hurt their feeling involuntarily. Moreover, while you are stressed you can not concentrate on anything. You can be bored with everything easily and it affects your success in life. Besides, while you are stressed it's hardly possible for you to make decisions correctly.

In Sum, stress is the cause of breakdown for people in their lives and this affects the psychology, work-life, and health of people. I completely consider being under stress is extremely bad and it always blocks us to be happy. We need to take control of your life before stress does. We must learn to control the stress to bring the effect to the minimum amount. "It's not the load that breaks you down, It's the way you carry it," says Lou Holtz. So we should learn to carry stress in the right way.

This article was prepared by Numan Kuru.

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