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2 Mayıs 2020 Cumartesi

Studying in a Small City versus Big City

There are various differences between studying in small cities and big cities. Firstly, accessibility is very important, Imagine, taking a subway in a big city, and spending around one hour in a crowded train where you cannot even move a hand to take your phone to check it. In the second place, big cities, people are more antisocial and cold. Of course, it is in fact that there are more activities you can do in big cities during your leisure time. There are more cultural places, restaurants, parks, clubs, cinemas and other places to visit. Also the tranquility, it's hardly possible to find a peaceful environment in big cities. Then, safety, it is obvious safety is a big problem in big cities, unfortunately, there are always crime circumstances. From my point of view, more important is the economy in big cities everything is expensive and hard to afford. Prices might dramatically differ in big cities. Then, in small cities traffic is easier you can ride a bike to your school, and you can also take a walk if it is sunny, also, you can go by foot and breathe some fresh air. Then people are much more friendly in small cities. We can not find various events like in big cities, but we can find peaceful places and we can relax. Also, crime rates are less and the prices of everything is less than in big cities. In sum, big cities and small cities have cons and pros in such cases, and it depends on people to choose which one is better for

This article was prepared by Numan Kuru.

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